365 Drinks: #226 Pelican White Wine Cooler (Malaysia)

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Pelican White Wine Cooler

We forgot to take pictures three days in a row and snapped this in a rush.. apologies!

We had a good time yesterday and our first party since a long time. How better to celebrate this than with a bottle of “sparkling wine”… well a Pelican White Wine Cooler which is basically white wine with sparkling water… close enough.

The 5 percent  mixer was relatively cheap and I wasn’t expecting much of it. It had a clear pale yellow body just as you would expect it from a watered down cheap shit white wine. I opened the bottle and had a sniff and it actually smelled like wine, not too much but still. The drink was slightly carbonated and was slightly dry sour but it’s taste was mainly covered up by a super sweet and stale flavor. It wasn’t too hard to get it down considering that I was hungover but I wouldn’t buy it again.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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