365 Drinks: #227 Proskovy Orange Vodka (Malaysia)

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Proskovy Orange Vodka

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After the unexpected success I had with the Winner Gin a couple of days ago I felt adventurous again. Why not try another one of those horrible looking small bottles of highly potent cheap shit booze? Today a bottle with a huge orange on it’s label that had written “Orange Vodka” all over it catched my eye. The vodka is apparently produced by a company called Proskovy, which is clearly a Malaysian name, so I couldn’t resist on buying one (together with a can of Sprite… just in case).

The clear spirit supposedly had 40 percent and a very sweet orange-like aroma to it that was slightly alcoholic and reminded me of orange-flavor Vitamin Water. The first shot was very mild and had quite an orange flavor to it that made it nice and easy to drink. The second shot was much harsher though, a strong alcohol flavor got through and triggered my gag reflex so I had to activate my safety Sprite. Overall not as bad of a drink as it might sounds like. Considering that this is a 40 percent vodka and that I paid about $2.50 for it you can’t really complain. I had way worse vodkas for three times the money in Germany.


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