365 Drinks: #228 Skol Super (Malaysia)

Skol Super
Skol Super

The last time this photo appears, we swear!!

Unfortunately Malaysia has not much to offer when it comes to beer. A lot of beers get imported from Thailand or Singapore and the beers that get produced here are foreign brands that hand out licences to local brewers. The same goes for the Skol Super that I had today. The 9 percent beer is brewed in Malaysia under the supervision of Skol. Costing around $3 for a 500ml can, it was good value for money compared to other alternatives.

The golden-clear beer had a medium fizzy head that wasn’t really creamy. It had a pretty alcoholic, slightly sour aroma to it that already indicated the potency of the beer. And this is also pretty much how it tasted like, very alcoholic and slightly sour. It reminded me of a bad cider that was still in the making process. At least I could feel the 9 percent alcohol after drinking the whole can in the afternoon heat of Kuala Lumpur.


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