365 Drinks: #229 Just One Ice Melon (Malaysia)

Just One Ice Melon
Just One Ice Melon

Taken seconds after Semi found out her camera lens was broken 🙁

Just One Ice Melon, 50ml of extra content in the bottle. Nuff said, I just couldn’t resist but buying this crappy looking shit. I think I never had a melon-flavoured drink before so this was an add-on as well.

The 5 percent mixer was clear and just looked like another girly drink. But when I opened it… I realized that I was right. The super sweet melon smell that reminded me of a cheap perfume that you can win at a fun fair immediately catched my nose. I had a sip and it was almost like drinking the above mentioned perfume, except that the melon mixer was slightly carbonated. It tasted super sweet and had an intense kind of pressing melon flavor to it that made it taste just disgusting. I downed the whole thing pretty fast to get over and done with it but the taste kept sticking to my mouth for quite a while after I finished it. A clear example that you can sell me all kinds of shit if you make it look like a bargain.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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