365 Drinks: #230 Pelican Apple Vodka (Malaysia)

Pelican Apple Vodka
Pelican Apple Vodka

The Petronas towers may no longer be the tallest in the world, but there’s two of them!!

Today’s drink is probably as close as you get to drinking a local cider in Southeast Asia. I bought a Pelican Apple Vodka. This mixer consists of vodka, apple juice and sparkling water, not really the same as a cider but it still has similarities. With its pale orange body and it’s tiny foamy head it looks pretty similar. Also the smell reminds of a (rather bad) cider, it was a sweet apple aroma that had a hint of sourness in it. Even the 5 percent alcohol content are just the same as a Strongbow you get anywhere in the UK. I have to admit that the taste makes the difference. It was very sweet and was missing the sourness that it was suggesting in the smell. You could compare it with a can of White Ace that has been spiked with a shot of nail polish. Still drinkable but you don’t really want to.


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