365 Drinks: #231 Pelican Orange Splash (Malaysia)

Pelican Orange Splash
Pelican Orange Splash

Lost the photo for this one.. sorry

After the fail of yesterday’s Pelican Apple Mixer, I decided to give it another chance and got myself a Pelican Orange Splash. The ingredients read just like the one from yesterday except that this time it was orange juice mixed with cheap vodka and some bubbly water. It had a cloudy orange body and not much of a head. At RM9 (about $2.80) it wasn’t really as cheap as it should be. The smell was fruity sweet, not sour but very much like an orange. The taste reminded me of that of a Fanta you find in Poland (not the good, slightly more sour one from Germany). It was rather blend and without much of an interesting taste but also without alcohol flavor. Overall a better drink than the apple version from yesterday but still a rather boring girly drink.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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