365 Drinks: #232 Anchor Strong (Malaysia)

Anchor Strong
Anchor Strong

Strong as shit, and just shit

Today a good old friend makes a strong return, I found a Malay version of the Anchor beer I had in Cambodia, a Anchor Strong. The name doesn’t lie: The small golden can holds a potent 8.8 percent lager beer that is brewed near Kuala Lumpur. It had a slightly darker orange clear body with a medium creamy head, so a bit different than the regular version I had in Cambodia. The rather unpleasant smell was sour malty and already made clear that the beer would taste strong and probably not so good. When I first had a sip I thought that I mixed up the beer with a stout but the more I had the more it seemed like it was a lager but with a twist. The taste was extremely malty and the creamyness of the foam made it a bit thick. It finished with a quite bitter note that made it harder to enjoy the beer. I definitely prefer the lighter version I had in Cambodia.


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