365 Drinks: #233 Pelican Blueberry (Malaysia)

Pelican Blueberry
Pelican Blueberry

Blueberry booze, how bad could it be?

Different part of the country but still the same kind of drinks. We went back to Penang just to find the same selection of sweet girly mixers as in Kuala Lumpur. “Pest oder Cholera” as you would say in German. I picked a Pelican Blueberry Mixer for today. Why? Because it was there and no other good alternative. The all-blue wrapped bottle detailed a 5 percent alcoholic content that should taste like blueberry juice mixed with carbonated water and a shot of vodka on top. Aroma-wise it wasn’t too bad. The purpleish-clear mixer produced a sweet and slightly sour blueberry aroma that was quite good. Maybe I found a good mixer today? No. The taste was just as bad as the other ones that I had before. It tasted too sweet, too artificial, slightly alcoholic and just not good. Even though slightly carbonated it felt like it was stale. At least it was cheap.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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