365 Drinks: #234 Asta Peach Vodka (Malaysia)

Asta Peach Vodka
Asta Peach Vodka

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A day for some hard shit. Still remembering the success with the cheap-ass gin from Kuala Lumpur that actually tasted quite alright, I decided to go for a stronger one today. I just had enough of girly mixers. So I went off to the bottle shop and got me a bottle of Asta Peach Vodka.

Quite an unusual combination that I have not seen like this before. Potent like a “real” Vodka with its 40 percent alcoholic content, and clear as well—so far so good. Its bottle cap seemed to be welded straight onto the bottle and I had to use a knife to get it off. After I opened it, the intense aroma of alcohol mixed with a peachy note catched my nose. Not too pleasant and a bad sign for the quality of the vodka. I had a pure shot and the taste was not as bad as expected. It was harshly alcoholic with a sweet peach flavor to it. Considering the price it was actually alright. Not a drink to enjoy in front of an open fire at home but it surely would find it’s place on the table before a night of clubbing. But it’s better to drink it pure; I tried to mix it with Kickapoo lemonade and it was just a bad combo.


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