365 Drinks: #235 Storm Sea Breeze (Malaysia)

Storm Sea Breeze
Storm Sea Breeze

In the field, with an alcopop and a weiner

I miss Europe where you can find a beer drinking culture in almost every country. Here in Malaysia the shops are just packed with girly mix drinks that all taste about the same and aren’t particularly great. But hey, how can I tell if I haven’t had all of them? Right, so here is another example in my long field study on Southeast Asian alcopops.

Today I got me a Storm Sea Breeze. Sounds banging. The ingredients are vodka, lime juice, strawberry juice and good old carbonated water that just need to be in every mixer. It had a very sweet aroma that just smelled like strawberries. The taste was similar. Sweet, a bit sour, and mainly like strawberry juice but with a hint of alcohol. At least it was slightly more potent with it’s 5.6 percent, but besides of that it was just as mediocre as the many mixers I had before.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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