365 Drinks: #236 Pelican Ice Lemon (Malaysia)

Pelican Ice Lemon
Pelican Ice Lemon

Introducing alcopops to my fellow primates

You think I’m already finished with mixed drinks in Malaysia? Hell no. Today I tried Pelican Ice Lemon, probably inspired by the most successful alcopop of my younger days, Smirnoff Ice. It had a clear body and the smell was sweet lime-like without being sour or too alcoholic. Carbonated just like every other mixer but with a decent taste to it for a change. It tasted just like a cheap sprite and vodka mixer that you would get at any club that doesn’t care about the the quality of it’s booze. So most of them. The only difference is that you probably get a mix drink that contains more than the 5 percent alcohol of this Pelican Ice. Still not too bad to drink and arguably one of the better mix drinks you can find in Malaysia.

Pelican Ice Lemon

The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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