365 Drinks: #238 Storm Twistonic (Malaysia)

Storm Twistonic
Storm Twistonic

Another night at The Elbow

We went back to the best watering hole in Penang today. A little corner shop that sold the cheapest booze in town, that had some foldable tables in front and was always packed with locals and tourists. We made use of the three mixer bottles for RM10 deal and I got myself a Storm Twistonic gin and tonic. I knew what would await me since Semi had them before. The slightly carbonated clear gin and tonic mixer had a higher than usual alcohol concentration of 6.3 percent and a sweet lime aroma with a hint of alcohol. It tasted just like a gin and tonic you could get at any of the bars around town, sweet lemon flavoured with a gin aftertaste and unfortunately without the ice. A good value for money deal and by far the best mixer we found so far in Malaysia.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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