365 Drinks: #241 Lucky Lychee (Malaysia)

Lucky Lychee
Lucky Lychee

No es bueno

Sick of all those girly mix drinks I decided to put a bit more effort into my hunt for a drink. I visited several bottle shops to find something I haven’t and might be even good. In the end I picked a bottle of Lucky Lychee. It didn’t look good but at least I haven’t had it yet and it only cost $1. The clear 30 percent spirit came with a bottle cap and had a very sweet lychee like smell to it that reminded of a bad perfume. It didn’t really smell like alcohol either so I thought that it might be alright to drink, but I was wrong. If the bottle wouldn’t have said that it “only” has 30 percent, I would have guessed that it has at least 40 percent. The spirit had a very harsh alcohol taste that was mixed with a bit weird chemically-tasting lychee flavor that seemed to last forever in my mouth. I tried 2 shots but definitely needed a chaser for them. Absolute shite.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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