365 Drinks: #242 Lemons Gin (Malaysia)

Lemons Gin
Lemons Gin

Malaysia’s golden days are over—all the remaining booze is shit

Of all the drinks I had in Malaysia, the gin based one’s were the best so far. So I hoped I could extend the run with a bottle of Lemons Gin. The small bottle of gin with lemons on it’s label was pretty cheap and also looked pretty cheap. It had 40 percent alcohol content and was just as clear as you would expect it from a gin. The smell was very strong alcoholic with a hint of lemon in it. I had a shot and I have to say that this is by far the worst gin I ever had. Not much flavor to it besides the one of intense rubbing alcohol and a tiny, tiny bit of lemon. I usually have at least two shots of every spirit but the first shot immediately triggered my gag reflex and I just couldn’t drink more of this crap. Now even the gin drinks suck… I think I have to get out of this country soon.


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