365 Drinks: #243 Mr. Takila (Malaysia)

Mr Takila
Mr Takila

Can’t go wrong with a sombrero

I just can’t drink any girly mixers in Malaysia anymore and although the last two drinks were absolute horrible mixers, I decided to buy bottle of Mr. Takila Special Liqueur. I am assuming that it is some kind of tequila drink. The small bottle was super cheap and had an awesome cross eyed Mexican on it’s label. With 27 percent alcohol it was rather low on alcohol for a tequila and also the look was rather pale amber. The smell was rather unusual and reminded me a bit of Coca-Cola. The taste was super mild and only slightly like tequila with a quite bitter aftertaste to it. It tasted like some kind of root juice that was spiked with a bit of vodka. Definitely not my favourite drink but compared to the last two drinks rather drinkable.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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