365 Drinks: #248 Choya Umepop (Thailand)

Choya Umepop
Choya Umepop

Not really Thai, but at least it’s good!!

It seems like Thailand has more to offer than rice wine, girly mixers and beer. Today I found a rather rare Choya Umepop Umeshu plum wine. I already had a plum wine up in Chiang Rai but if you don’t go to a specialized shop or bar you can’t really find them, but luckily Kanchanaburi has a brilliantly stocked booze shop just down the main road. The small bottle was rather pricey and only had 4 percent alcohol but the clear pale yellow drink was definitely worth it. It had a sweet plumy smell that was slightly sour but very pleasant. The taste was quite nice and comes up to the Japanese plum wines I had in the UK. It had a decently sour plum taste that was refreshing and not too sweet. A pretty good drink that I absolutely prefer to any of the mix drinks I had.


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