365 Drinks: #249 Grand Royal Whisky (Myanmar)

Grand Royal Whiskey
Grand Royal Whiskey

Classy place to be hitting the whisky

We landed in Myanmar today and although I haven’t had any drink here before it was rather hard to find alcohol. Since it is a predominantly Buddhist country it is rather hard to find shops that sell alcohol within the city limits (at least that’s the case in the south). But after about an hour of searching I found myself a bottle of Grand Royal Whiskey in the local supermarket. The small bottle cost a bit less than a dollar and had whooping 43 percent alcohol. It had a rather pale amber look and smelled rather mild nutty and not too alcoholic. I drank it pure without ice and it was all right to drink. It didn’t really have much of a flavor to it but also just mildly alcoholic taste to it.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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