365 Drinks: #250 Htak Ye (Myanmar)

Htan ye
Htan ye

A mystery mixed drink on the outskirts of Dawei

Today’s drink was quite challenging. We were on the hunt for some palm wine, in Myanmar called htan ye. I walked into several little food shops that looked like they sell alcohol and asked for it just to get told that no restaurant will have it. So we made our way further out of town where we heard it is available. We got pointed into a little neighbourhood with some wooden houses and told they have “htak ye“. Did we pronounce it wrong all this time? I rocked up to one of the houses and asked for some htak ye, making the universal hand sign for drinking, and it seems like I was successful. We got asked to sit down and drink a glass.

Out of a big metal pot they scooped two glasses, and we received a cloudy dark orange drink that smelled like pineapple but not really alcoholic. Not really what we expected since we had palm wine already in Malaysia and Indonesia and both times it was white cloudy. I asked again “Alcohol?” and everybody nodded. Ok then. It tasted very strong like pineapple juice but with a hint of something else. A little bit bitter, a little bit strange. I finished the glass and only noticed a little alcohol effect. An interesting drink but after all I couldn’t really get what kind of alcohol was in it. We heard after all this that sometimes palm wine is getting distilled to make some higher percentage liquor out of it, so I assume I had a shot of palm liquor with pineapple juice. Not too bad.


Chilling with the friendly locals.. the whole neighbourhood came to check us out



The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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