365 Drinks: #251 Dawei-style htan ye palm toddy (Myanmar)

Dawei-style htan ye palm toddy
Dawei-style htan ye palm toddy


Today it was time for the real deal. We asked explicitly at the reception of our hotel where to find htan ye palm toddy, and if they could point it out to us on a map. A 10-minute scooter ride and some surprised locals later we were sitting in a little bamboo hut with a bamboo cup of real Burmese palm toddy. It was 1pm, which makes a difference when it comes to toddy, as we learned. The palm juice is getting harvested every day and just left to ferment within that day. The earlier in the morning the sweeter the palm wine, turning more and more sour during the day until it becomes just like vinegar. The one that we got served was still quite sweet with a hint of sourness to it. It was white and milky, with a thin white layer of foam on top of it. The smell was not really nice, you could tell that there is a fermentation process taking place at the moment. Quite sweet-and-sour, and a bit rotten. But overall it tasted much better than the other palm wines I had so far.

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We even made some friends!!


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