365 Drinks: #252 Myanmar Lager (Myanmar)

Myanmar Lager
Myanmar Lager

One of the best “national beers” in Southeast Asia

Off to Ye, our next city in Myanmar and back to the same problem that we had Dawei: rarely any alcohol to be found within the city limits. Luckily the American owner of the guesthouse we were staying at knew some spots and recommended us a bar. There wasn’t much of a choice so I had a Myanmar beer. The large 640ml bottle was with around $1.50, rather cheap and properly sized. It had a sweet, malty and slightly roasted aroma with a clear golden body and a medium fizzy white head. The taste was sweet, malty and not too carbonated, which made it very easy to drink without being too watery. It had a alcohol content of 5 percent which is a good standard as well. Overall quite a nice beer and I was rather surprised to find a good beer like that in Myanmar. Now I am looking forward to get my hand on other beers and find out if they are as good.


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