365 Drinks: #253 Dagon Lager (Myanmar)

Dagon Lager
Dagon Lager

Cheap and refreshing.. and almost like a pub!!

Today we discovered probably the best way to get drunk in Myanmar. We went to a Dagon Beer station and I had a (surprise surprise) Dagon Lager beer. Dagon is a domestic beer brand that sponsors loads of “pubs” around the country. You get small bites to eat and a 0.33ml glass of beer for 550 kyat, which is about $0.55. A bargain. The lager version comes in a stein-like glass and has a clear golden body with a creamy white head. A brilliant sight on a very hot afternoon. It smelled sweet grainy with kind of a metallic aroma to it. The taste was a bit watery and slightly sour in the finish. Still, the beer was super easy to drink and was highly carbonated, which made the ice cold beer even more refreshing. I still prefer the Myanmar beer from yesterday but this one’s not too bad either.


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