365 Drinks: #254 Andaman Gold Special (Myanmar)

Andaman Gold Special
Andaman Gold Special

Banana beer

It was time to move our way up the country in Myanmar, and a rather scary nine-hour bus ride later we found ourselves in Mawlamyine. The city has a large Muslim population so I was already afraid not to be able to find alcohol so easily. But an evening stroll to hunt for food taught me better. On the riverfront we found a big outdoor food market which was run mainly by Muslims who didn’t mind selling us beer. So I ordered a Andaman Gold Special.

The small can with the swordfish on the front was rather cheap and reminded by the look of a can of Kingfisher. I bought the “special” version of the beer which means it had a rather strong 6.5 percent alcohol content. It had a dark clear golden body with a small white head that disappeared pretty quick. The smell was unusual. It had a slightly grainy but distinct banana aroma to it. I don’t know where this came from but the taste was pretty much the same. It seemed like I was drinking a banana chewing gum flavor beer. This was quite a disappointment, beer shouldn’t taste like this.


The Breakdown

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