365 Drinks: #255 Mandalay Pineapple rice wine (Myanmar)

Mandalay Pineapple rice wine
Mandalay Pineapple rice wine

Whatever this stuff is, it’s great!

In Myanmar it is easier to find alcohol a bit out of town. This was one of the first lessons we learned after coming to the country. And today was no different. Just out of town in a small wooden shack I found a 640ml bottle of Mandalay Pineapple …. booze (rice wine?). It is manufactured by the Red Horse Group, only cost me $0.35 and had a wooping 21 percent alcohol content. All this sounded like the drink would be horrible so I bought some ice and Sprite as a mixer, just in case.

I opened the bottle and poured me a quarter of a cup. It had a pale yellow clear look just like your ordinary pineapple juice. The smell was sweet and with parts of pineapple and also slightly ricy aromas without being too alcoholic. So far so good, but the taste must be horrible? Well it was actually alright. It had a slightly alcoholic rice vodka-like taste with a hint of sweet pineapple flavor to it. It was ok to drink but mixed with some ice cubes and some Sprite it was actually quite nice! The lemon of the Sprite and the pineapple flavor of the booze worked good together and you could taste that it would get you drunk without being too much. This was definitely a surprise and, considering the price, probably the best drink I found in Myanmar so far.


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