365 Drinks: #256 High Class Whisky (Myanmar)

High Class Whisky
High Class Whisky

A wild MANHO appeared!

When you are in Myanmar you come across loads and loads of advertisements for whisky, and it seems like everybody drinks it as well. So today I broaden my expertise in Myanmar whisky and got me a High Class Whisky (this is the brand name and doesn’t reflect the quality). With 43 percent, this pale golden whisky is stronger than your average store bought scotch. The small bottle I bought was super cheap and only cost me around $1 in a restaurant. It had a sweet, slightly nutty whisky aroma to it that was rather mild. The taste was smooth as well. It tasted like it smelled but was a bit watery, which is surprising considering that it is has a higher alcohol content. Not a bad drink but I somehow doubt its high alcohol content. It reminds me of the $1 Alexand Whisky I had in Cambodia… and that one had only 23 percent.


The Breakdown

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