365 Drinks: #258 Jazz Lime (Myanmar)

Jazz Lime
Jazz Lime

Is that Dracula?!

The plan was to stay almost a month in Myanmar so I had to choose the drinks carefully not to be running into problems at some point not being able to find one that I haven’t had yet. So since we were in the capitol Yangon and there was a supermarket around, I went for a second girly mix drink that I probably couldn’t find somewhere in the countryside. Today’s drink is a Jazz Lime wine cooler. It had a green slightly cloudy body that contained 5 percent alcohol. The aroma was sweet limey with a hint of sourness to it. It tasted like a sweet and not too sour lime juice, not really alcoholic. I am assuming that this drink is supposed to represent a mojito but it tastes more like a cheap lime juice that is over it’s expiration date and generated some alcohol in the ageing process.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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