365 Drinks: #259 Jockey Lime (Myanmar)

Jockey Lime
Jockey Lime

Best way to get over a sleepless bus ride

What do you do when you arrive early in the morning at a hotel after an eight-hour sleepless bus ride and they won’t let you check in for another six hours? Right, you check out the local shops and see if you find a drink. Remembering the surprisingly good Mandalay Lime booze I had in Mawlamyine, I was happy to find a similar looking bottle manufactured by the same company and also only $0.35. A Jockey Lime booze. With 32 percent, even stronger than the Mandalay Lime. The 640ml bottle contained a clear honey-like looking, thick drink. It smelled sweet limey with a hint of alcohol. The taste was sweet lime like with a alcohol flavor that wasn’t too harsh and made it easy to drink. Maybe not a drink you would normally considering to drink in the morning but definitely another cheap and good alternative to a beer.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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