365 Drinks: #260 Bagan-style htan ye palm toddy (Myanmar)

Bagan Style Htan Ye
Bagan Style Htan Ye

When in Rome

Today we drove around Bagan on little electric scooters. A fun way to check out the area. On our way down one of the side roads to a temple we found a local toddy shop so we stopped for a early lunch drink. We all ordered a glass of 11:30am Bagan htan ye. This time we got it even chilled. The owners son grabbed a big 1.5-litre bottle out of the cooler and poured us each a 0.33ml glass. It had a cloudy and slightly yellow body with a white head, and smelled like a bit smokey cheese. The taste was mildly sweet and nutty with a sour but also rather mild finish. It was also slightly carbonated. One of the better palm wines I had and it is definitely better when it is served chilled.


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