365 Drinks: #261 New Bagan-style htan ye (Myanmar)

Bagan Htan ye
Bagan Htan ye

Getting into the htan ye groove

There are several different htan ye shops around the area of Bagan. Today we found one in New Bagan and ordered a round at around 12:30pm. We got served a big 1.5-liter pot with half a coconut shell in it so we could pour ourselves as much as we want in our own coconut shell. The palm wine was not as fizzy as the others I had so far and also not as fragrant. It still had a sour aroma but way milder than the other one’s I had. The body was also not as cloudy. It looked like a watered down version. The taste was sweet and slightly sour but also quite mild which made it easier to drink. I am not sure how much alcohol it contained but after half a liter I felt a nice buzz. Probably the best palm wine I had yet.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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