365 Drinks: #265 Andaman Gold Lager (Myanmar)

Andaman Gold Lager
Andaman Gold Lager

Our little cactus Jésus is still pushing through, waiting to go to Merrikuh!

Myanmar has more beer choices than expected so I couldn’t resist but getting another one for today’s drink. This time the weak little brother of the Andaman Special I had a couple of days ago, an Andaman Gold Lager. Truly weaker with only 4.5 percent alcohol (booo) but with the same Kingfisher-like can. The pale golden body with a creamy white foam had not much of a smell. Marginally sweet and malty, but basically just like sniffing on glass of water. Not a surprise but unfortunately the taste was similar. It was very water with a slight hoppy note to it. I have to admit that it was quite refreshing to drink but this was probably due to the hot weather and the fact that I was thirsty. The whole beer reminds me more of sparkling water than a real beer and is so much different to the (disgusting) flavour-packed Andaman Special.

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