365 Drinks: #27 Hepok Mostar Grasevina (Hercegovina)

Hepok Mostar Grasevina
Hepok Mostar Grasevina

At least it was cheap

After driving off from our quiet remote campsite in the mountains with nobody around we ended up in tourist hell. Hot as hell, packed with foreign tourists and mosquitoes everywhere. Definitely not the best conditions to have a heavy type of alcohol. Either beer or a light white wine? After our first success with the Herzegovinian red I decided to go for the lighter white version, a white wine from Mostar.

Light yellow color and a sweetish smell with a hint of turpentine. The flavor was slightly fruity and sweet with a sourness that didn’t immediately kicked in. This gave the wine a strange aftertaste that wasn’t pleasant. At least it had 12% and the heat helped the alcohol doing its job. Coming to the conclusion, Herzegovinian red yay, Herzegovinian white ney.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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