365 Drinks: #279 Moonzen Kitchen God Honey Porter (Hong Kong)

Moonzen Kitchen God Honey Porter
Moonzen Kitchen God Honey Porter

An unusual stout

Today is already our last day in Hong Kong, and since the stout I had yesterday was just awesome, we decided to go to a beer shop that specialized in craft beer. There I found a Hong Kong-brewed Moonzen Kitchen God Honey Porter. It had 6 percent and came in a small bottle that had a mark on it saying that this is the 108th bottle. The beer was dark cloudy with a creamy beige foam. It smelled really malty and heavy and tasted like old coffee grounds. The stout was also rather bitter and I couldn’t taste any honey flavors. It was also fizzy, which I found a bit unusual for a stout. Overall it wasn’t tasting too bad but the whole beer experience wasn’t all too great. But still better than a lot of beers I had so far.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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