365 Drinks: #28 Ozujsko Pivo (Croatia)

Ozujsko Pivo
Ozujsko Pivo

Beer near Blackwater Bay, for the Game of Thrones fans

Who would have guessed that it is super expensive and almost impossible to get a room during tourist season in Dubrovnik? We did, but thought we will try our luck. It didn’t go so good. After we had a quick peak into one of the campsites along the way to the city with shitloads of old Germans and Austrians that were discussing the durability of their tiny motorboats we thought “Fuck it, let’s drive to Montenegro”. But the day was coming to an end and after seeing the old town from the surrounding hills we decided that it would be better to give the nearby campsite another try. But first, beer! We stopped at a view point with a little kiosk that sold small cans of Croatian beer for 1,50€. Way too much. But it was needed.

Ozujsko Pivo lager. Literally translated “March beer”. Another standard lager from the region. Apparently the best seller in Croatia. It was not too fizzy, pretty watery and easy to drink. With 5% also pretty average when it comes to alcohol content. The long lasting slightly bitter aftertaste was the only downside of this beer (apart from the high price). It’s a good beer for the hot weather and it did it’s job. Plus the dude at the counter pointed out some cheaper campsites a bit further down the road. Drink of the day, check. Accommodation for the night, check.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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  1. Hrvoje

    You had to try Ožujsko from the bottle. Not from the can from some kiosk. I guess it would be more tasteful for you on your trip through Croatia.

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