365 Drinks: #280 パート1 Mimuro Sugi Tsuyubakaze Sake (Japan)

Mimuro Sugi Sake
Mimuro Sugi Sake

Stumbled upon our first drink in this cool tachinomiya!!

Japan!!! We made the big jump from Hong Kong to Osaka today and although we were super tired, we had to get out and make the best of our limited time in this beautiful country. And since we have only 10 days but Japan has so much booze to offer, I decided to have a “Japan: two drinks a day” special. So here is the glorious first.

Of course it had to be a sake (pronounced saké, not saki, you crazy Westerners!!). A Mimuro Sugi sake from Nara, made with special “Tsuyubakaze” rice.

People in Osaka are known for their friendliness, and when walking through Nanba some locals invited us into a tachinomi-ya (a standing-only bar) to have a few drinks with them. The sake came, as it is custom in Japan, in a huge bottle and got served chilled in a little glass filled up to the very top. It had a clear body and a slightly sweet but mild aroma. The taste was very mild as well. Slightly sweet and a bit acidy, but easy to drink and with a round taste to it. Definitely a great start into Japanese sake.


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