365 Drinks: #280 パート2 Kamosubito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo Sake (Japan)

Kamosubito Kuheiji sake
Kamosubito Kuheiji sake

Great Osaka hospitality!!

After some sake at the tachinomi-ya bar, we got invited by one of the guys for a late dinner at a restaurant run by his old friend, Nishi Tamamizu, which is one of the oldest whale restaurants in Osaka. Of course we had to go. This nice guy introduced us to a special Japanese dish called harihari-nabi, a clear soup with whale meat and mizuna lettuce, along with whale sashimi. Putting the whole whaling issue aside, everything was delicious and we were lucky to get invited to eat this unusual (and expensive) dish.

And of course we had more drinks, this time a Kamosubito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo sake. The clear rice wine came chilled in a small caraffe. It had a mild slightly sweet aroma that reminded me a bit of barley. The taste was slightly sour but also very mild and easy to drink. It kind of reminded me of the qingke jiu that we had in Tibet, but with 16 percent, a bit weaker. I was never really into sake but I could get used to drinking this stuff.

Thank you for the great evening, Yoshihiro!!


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