365 Drinks: #281 コンビニ版 Clear Asahi (Japan)

Asahi Clear
Asahi Clear

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Instead of just doing two drinks each day, we decided to do one normal drink and one drink from Japan’s infamous and amazingly well-stocked convenience stores. This is the stuff you can buy on the cheap, 24 hours a day!!

You can get drunk for little money in Japan, especially if you don’t have high standards. Probably the cheapest malt liquor I found in 7-Eleven or any other super market was the Clear Asahi. The small 0.330ml can was around ¥110, which is less than $1, and available in almost every convenience store. It had 5 percent alcohol content, a pale yellow body with not much of a head, and a sweet malty aroma. The taste was just as you would expect it from the cheapest malt liquor around, it was malty and a bit bitter with a bit of a weird chemical-like aftertaste. Not really the best drink in the world but ok as a cheap roady.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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