365 Drinks: #284 コンビニ版 Sapporo White Belg Beer (Japan)

Sapporo White Belg Beer
Sapporo White Belg Beer

Gotta love drinking on the train

My second drink of the day came from a convenience store, and since drinking is allowed on trains in Japan, I had it on the bullet train from Himeji to Okayama. It was a Sapporo White Belg wit beer. The small can was ¥138 ($1.10), rather cheap compared to other beers. It had 5 percent alcohol and a white, slightly cloudy body with a medium white head. The smell was wheaty sweet and quite nice. It tasted a bit bitter at the beginning then slightly sweet and fruity, and finished with a nice wheat beer-like taste. A nice beer considering the price, but you could tell that it was cheap.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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    • Semi

      Thanks for the recommendations! Won’t make it to Tokyo any time soon, unfortunately 🙁 Bet the craft beer scene has exploded since I left in 2010!!

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