365 Drinks: #284 Virgo Beer Ikeda Terumasa Kosaku beer (Japan)

Virgo Beer Kosaku Beer
Virgo Beer Kosaku Beer

Part of a cool limited-edition collection with military commanders on the bottles!

Today we went further down south the Japanese island to Okayama, but not without stopping at one of the most famous Japanese castles. We got off the bullet train in Himeji and walked towards the famous white stork castle. On the way there we found a small shop selling interesting-looking beer by craft brew company Virgo Beer. I just had to get one.

My decision fell on the “kosaku” amber beer. The 5 percent beer came in a super cool bottle with a painting of one of the former rulers of Himeji castle, Ikeda Terumasa, on the bottle with a bit of a background story to him. The lady in the shop insisted on opening the bottle for me when I bought it although I didn’t want to drink it right away, but I didn’t have much of a choice. It had golden-clear body and a sour malty and slighty caramel-like aroma. The taste was a bit fruity, almost like barley wine with an aftertaste similar to brown tea. It was quite an interesting flavor combination that really worked well together.

This is one of the best beers I’ve (Semi) ever drank!! Someone please send me more from Japan!


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