365 Drinks: #286 コンビニ版2 Kiyosujo-nobunaga Onikoroshi tetrapak sake (Japan)

Onikoroshi Sake
Onikoroshi Sake

Never trust sake in a box with a devil on it

After a successful night in downtown Udon City we made our way back to our hosts place. But not without stopping at one of the many convenience stores to get a roady. Since I liked my first drink today I decided to go for something that probably wouldn’t be as good. A small carton of Kiyosujo-nobunaga Onikoroshi sake. It was the cheapest option available and the oni on the carton already suggested that it would be horrible. I couldn’t really smell it since I had to drink it with a straw, but I am assuming it wasn’t a nice aroma. The taste was as expected: pretty bad. It had a sweet rice taste with some weird undefineable flavors. The first couple of sips were alright but after a while it just tasted horrible. At least it was cheap, and with 14 percent, quite strong. But I wouldn’t buy it again.

Today was two convenience store drinks… sorry!!


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