365 Drinks: #287 コンビニ版 Kirin Hyoketsu Strong Grapefruit Chu-hi (Japan)

Kirin Grapefruit Chu-hi
Kirin Grapefruit Chu-hi

God bless chu-hi, and god bless Donki!!

I was complaining a lot about girly mix drinks in Southeast Asia. They were too sweet a lot of times, too artificial, and just weak. Japan has it’s own version of mixers with similar ingredients but with a much better taste and with an alcohol-content-to-size ratio that knocks your socks off.

So today I tried my luck with a can of 9 percent Kirin Hyoketsu Grapefruit STRONG Chu-hi. The can itself was cheap and its label said that it didn’t contain any sugar. Some kind of diet booze, I guess. I opened the can and the sour smell of grapefruit catched my nose. It didn’t have much of an alcohol aroma. The taste was quite sour with grapefruit flavors but you could also tell that it was alcoholic. Not too sweet, cheap and strong, an absolute alternative to get pissed for little money in no time.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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