365 Drinks: #287 Homemade Beefeater Gin umeshu (Japan)

Homemade Takamatsu Umeshu
Homemade Takamatsu Umeshu

Was too drunk to take a proper photo, but it looked something like this!

It was Saturday so of course we went out for a couple of drinks. The most interesting I came across this evening was a homemade umeshu made by the bartender at a place called Amazon. He presented the slightly yellow drink in big jar with loads of plums in it. He said it was made with Beefeater Gin and a lot of shiso (perilla leaves). It smelled only a little bit like plums, which already indicated how fucking srong it was. And indeed, we only had a small glass, but the umeshu was so dry and alcoholic that it could have easily counted as a shochu with an extra shot of gin. I never had an umeshu like this before. Interesting, but definitely nothing to enjoy with a big glass in front of a open fire.

The next morning before leaving Takamatsu, we nursed our hangovers with the best bowl of udon either of us had ever eaten at Ueta Udon (植田うどん). If you’re ever in town, give their niku bukkake udon a go!!

Ueta udon in Takamatsu


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