365 Drinks: #288 Kurokoji Yakunoshima Imo Shochu (Japan)

Kurokoji Yakunoshima Imo Shochu
Kurokoji Yakunoshima Imo Shochu

Not for children!!

Today we hung out with old friends of Semi from when they went to university together in Saitama. Semi spoke Japanese almost the whole time, so I got to hang out with their super cute and hyper kid. To make things better, they had a bottle of Kurokoji Yakunoshima Imo Shochu in their fridge, and of course I had to try.

The potato shochu was clear and smelled slightly like mushrooms, but in general not like much. It had a mild slightly sweet taste that was maybe a bit watery, but which also made it easy to drink. It was quite nice and easy to drink even though it was 25 percent. I don’t drink a lot of shochu but this one was a solid drink.

(A fun evening and reunion after a whopping eight or nine years!! Thank you for the hospitality, Gori family!!)


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