365 Drinks: #29 Plantaze Podgorica Bijelo (Montenegro)

plantaze podgorica bijelo
plantaze podgorica bijelo

Not satisfied with Montenegro

So the plan was to stay a night in Montenegro, but we got there and decided to just pass through. The streets were rammed with foreign cars and the speed limits were just obnoxious. Needless to say, I got pretty annoyed by the whole thing. But at least we wanted to see some good ole ruins before we leave the country. But, surprise surprise, it was just another tourist scam. Parking lot racket that would have cost 2€. Old city that has shops and overpriced restaurants. The “ruins” that cost 2€ to get in. Plus the worst of all. They don’t really have a selection of domestic alcohol in their supermarkets. So I grabbed the only Montenegran white wine I could find and we fled the country.

Plantaze podgorica bijelo. Plantaze… sounds familiar… Well apparently the company grows and bottles their wine in Serbia and Montenegro (it was the same country in the past so I guess it makes sense). To the wine, it had a yellow shimmer and the typical slightly sour white wine smell. The taste was apple-like sour at the beginning and had a fruity sweetness. Sounds good but actually wasn’t that great. It was a really cheap wine and it was easy to drink, so it is ok but I wouldn’t really recommend Montenegran wine.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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