365 Drinks: #30 Puke Raki (Albania)

Puke Raki


After a night in a semi-nice (This is apparently a German way of saying something was shit? The hostel was shit.–Ed) hostel in Shkoder, Albania we moved on. Destination Skopje. But not before having tried the local alcohol. And where would be better to drink some booze than in Puke (huhuh puke… huhuhu), a small town in the mountains of north Albania. We found a little restaurant next to the bus station with chickens floating around!? Sold. The menu was a sheet of paper and hand written. First thing that caught my eye was the raki. I was a bit confused if it would be like the Turkish aniseed raki or just another word for rakija. Well a shot of 0.04 liters (which would count as a double in the UK) was only 0.35€ so I gave it a try. Aaaaand….

It was the by now so well known Slivovica Rakija. Albanian style.

Coming out of a five-liter plastic bottle, I assume it was home made. It was clear and smelled super strong. But I was surprised to find out after the first sip that it was actually really nice and easy to drink. A pretty good Rakija compared to the many others I had so far. And we saw some chickens.

Puke Raki

Chicken, Me, Puke


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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