365 Drinks: #313 Tonopah Brewery Ghost Miner (USA)

Tonopah Brewery Ghost Miner
Tonopah Brewery Ghost Miner

Burns so bad

Next stop: the desert. We ended up in the middle of nowhere Nevada to sleep in a clown-themed motel next to a 110-year-old cemetery. Can’t get any better? Yes it can. We found the local Tonopah Brewery sold Ghost Miner, a beer made with ghost peppers. As with all supposedly spicy spirits so far, I was skeptic about the actual spiciness. So far nothing could break me into sweats, but this was about to change.

I only ordered a small sampler of this 4.8 percent beer but this was enough. The very pale yellow beer was not really foamy and smelled like a light beer, mostly only like carbonated water. But the taste was surely something. It tasted sweet like peppers at the beginning before the super fiery spiciness kicked in. I only had a small sip but my whole mouth burned like fire shortly after I swallowed it. I surely wasn’t expecting this. The second sip tasted a bit like nachos while I had it in my mouth but still super spicy. An interesting beer but I definitely couldn’t drink a whole pint of it.

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