365 Drinks: #315 Squatters Bumper Crop Honey Ale (USA)

Squatters Bumper Crop Honey Lavender Ale
Squatters Bumper Crop Honey Lavender Ale

Drinking at a brewery in Salt Lake City is as close as you can get to being treated like a normal adult by the Mormons

We arrived in Salt Lake City today. In the state with the probably most ridiculous drinking laws (just to throw “Zion curtain” out there) out of all the United States. We still managed to find a brewpub that would serve us some booze, and even some rather exotic sounding one: a Squatters Brewery Bumper Crop Honey Lavender Ale. The 5.5 percent dark golden cloudy ale came had not much of a head and was slightly expensive for such a small bottle (a bottle in a brewpub?). It smelled very sweet, like lavender with a hint of citrus aroma. The taste was quite sweet flowery which I assume was the lavender. It was refreshing to drink but after a while it felt like drinking detergent. Still not too bad of a beer but not my favourite.

“Squatters” sounds like a cool name for a brewery but actually it was pretty average except for the fact that, in keeping with Utah’s weird alcohol laws, most of their beers were 4 percent APV or under. Including the $6 small bottle of porter that the waitress told me was 6 percent but actually turned out to be 4 percent. Don’t confuse your alcohol percentages, especially with a 12oz/355ml bottle of beer that costs $6!! And really, a 4 percent porter?? For the record, Team U-Straße believes that anything under 5 percent APV is not actually beer, just slightly alcoholic juice.

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