365 Drinks: #316 Uinta Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale (USA)

Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale
Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale

New state, new weird liquor laws….

After just one night in Salt Lake City, we made our way out of Utah. Our next destination was a small park just over the border in Colorado. We arrived and I immediately went out to grab some things for a BBQ and some drinks just to find out that supermarkets are not allowed to serve alcohol over 3.2 percent in Colorado. Luckily the liquor store close to the super market was well stocked and I found a bottle of Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale from Uinta Brewing Co. The organic Belgian-style ale had 6.8 percent alcohol and was clear-pale and golden with a creamy white foam. It had a sweet hoppy aroma, typical for an ale. The taste was mildly sweet fruity flavoured with a hoppy bitterness to but still quite mild compared to an IPA. It was slightly crisp and easy to drink which made it quite a nice camp fire beer.

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