365 Drinks: #317 Odell Easy Street Wheat Beer (USA)

Odell Easy Street Wheat Beer
Odell Easy Street Wheat Beer

If ‘easy’ meant ‘watery’ and ‘street’ meant ‘beer’, this one is right on the mark

Today we drove our little Penny over the Rocky Mountains to Denver. A beautiful ride and Denver seems to be a nice city. I started our couple days in Denver with a beer, obviously. This time I picked an Odell Easy Street Wheat beer. Looked great and since the six pack was in line with other Odell six packs for $8 I thought it was cheap as well. But when I saw the receipt it turned out that I just paid $13 for six bottles of beer. Wtf. I guess it was my fault for just handing my card to the cashier and not re-confirm the price?

Needless to say I was already in a bad mood after this, but hey at least the beer will be fucking delicious right? It had a golden tiny bit cloudy body with a cream white foam. The aroma was slightly sour and hoppy. It tasted a bit metallic but mainly watery with a hint of hops. To top it all off, it also only had 4.6 percent. This is the first beer here in America that reminded me of the weak beers I had in China. But in China I only paid 1/8 of the price.

There were actual good beers in Colorado, though! Find the rest on Untappd!


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