365 Drinks: #318 Hound Dog Sweet Tea Vodka (USA)

Hound Dog Sweet Tea Vodka
Hound Dog Sweet Tea Vodka

Can’t get more American than a drive-thru liquor store

Today was my birthday so we went out to get some nice Vietnamese food for dinner. On the way to the restaurant I spotted an awesome drive through liquor store. Obviously on our way home we had to stop there. Since I haven’t had many spirits recently I decided to buy myself a little shooter of Hound Dog Sweet Tea Vodka.

The raspberry sweet tea-flavoured vodka was only a dollar, had 35 percent alcohol and a clear orange colour. Sounds awesome, right? It smelled sweet and a bit spicy. The taste was quite alcoholic with a slight sweetness to it. I couldn’t taste much of raspberry or tea but it definitely had a vodka taste. Made in nearby St. Louis, the spirit was OK drink but not really great. Think I wouldn’t buy it again.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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