365 Drinks: #319 Bristol Smokebrush Porter (USA)

Bristol Smokebrush Porter
Bristol Smokebrush Porter

Nice porter for a low-key evening at da motel

Our initial plan was to stay for a while in Denver and enjoy but it turned out to be rather expensive to stay in the city and we couldn’t really find anything that we were super interested in besides weed shops. So we decided to stay in Colorado Springs, a little bit further south. The nearby liquor shop was rather disappointing and overpriced. I already had a carton of wine in my hand because it was cheap but then decided to spend the extra buck for something I might actually like.

My decision fell on a Smokebrush Porter by Bristol Brewing Company. It had a dark cloudy, quite fizzy body with medium white head. The porter smelled sweet roasted malty and it tasted similar. It’s sweet roasted malt flavours were quite dominant. The finish was slightly bitter but overall it was quite easy to drink. With 5.9 percent, also a good alcohol content for a porter. Not a bad beer.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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