365 Drinks: #32 Bear blood (Bulgaria)

Bear blood
Bear blood

Can’t beat bear blood

Another day spent in the car. Driving from Skopje Macedonia to Sofia Bulgaria. Enjoying the scenery and crossing our 10th border (wohooo). After a couple of nights out and the long drive we decided to keep it low… cook some food and have a local red wine (sorry for the second red in a row but the name… THE NAME!!!). I had some bear blood.
Awesome name with a bear on the bottle. Awesome. The wine itself smells super sweet and has a dark red color. It tastes a bit like neuer wein, a German version of wine that is not completely done yet. It is really fruity and tastes like its homemade. This makes it easy to drink and pretty nice. And with 11%, the bear blood is also more potent than the German equivalent. So all good and I promise something harder tomorrow.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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